Monday 6 August 2012

New blog

I don't blog often, but when I do it's now at Here I've written about some of the things I've looked into recently (last couple of years) including:

  • The star schema benchmark for benchmarking database performance against star schemas (in particular getting this working with SQL Server
  • Erlang (in particular an intro for people from a C#/Java background)
  • Setting up emacs for writing Standard ML (which is to F# what C is to C++/ObjC)
  • Talks I've given on things like NoSQL and CQRS with links to recordings and slidedecks
  • Who knows what other things by the time you're reading this
As can be seen from these topics my focus is far less on the world of Microsoft and .NET than it was, hence the move. Of course, I'll be leaving this content up. It still seems to get a fair number of visitors, and for some reason that post on uninstalling AVG screwing up Exchange on a Small Business Server still seems to be helping people out.