Wednesday 19 November 2008

Continuous Integration with CI Factory part 2

I've just finished setting up a new build instance with CI Factory. This time I used the latest version ( at the time of writing). I followed the steps here, together with some from my last CIFactory post.

I tried this time to add a property in Arguments.xml of this:
< property name="MSBuild.Framework.Version" value="${framework::get-framework-directory('net-3.5')}" />
In addition then I edited Compile.Target.xml to use this property like so:
program="${MSBuild.Framework.Version}\msbuild.exe" workingdir="${ProductDirectory}"
After running the run.bat file the only thing that failed was that I got the same old error about needing to set the path to the share for VSS so I went in to the ccnetproject.xml file and edited the ssdir setting to provide the appropriate path to my network share that holds my vss ini file (as described in my last CIFactory post).

I ran the CCNETServer.bat and that problem went away, but then I saw that the first build failed. On checking the log what I saw was that the MSBuild.Framework.Version property was not being set. To resolve this I went to the Compile.Properties.xml file for the MSBuild package and added the property in there, not ideal, but it did the job.

I now have a working build for the project on this server, alongside the build from the previous post (which is still to be upgraded). Next up the upgrade of the old one!

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